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My Top 5 Korean Dramas with Life Lessons

Posted by Wajiha Q at Friday, September 26, 2014
 TOP 10 KDRAMAS is a feature here @ Jiha's file where I list 10 (or less) Korean dramas/Kdrama related stuff that I like.

It's been a while since I shared one of these posts, so today I wanted to talk about five kdramas with life lessons. If you're looking for meaningful dramas then you're in the right place! So, let's begin!

5. Emergency Couple. This drama is about a divorced couple who have sworn not to see each other ever again, but then find themselves working at the same emergency room as interns. I think this drama shows (to a certain extent) a realistic portrayal of a broken marriage. It talks about second chances, love and forgiveness. I like that it touches some serious topics, but I like it also because it made me laugh. So, don't go into this drama expecting it to be all serious. There are lots of funny scenes, cliches, and there are medical scenes as well. If you want to know more read my full review HERE.

My favorite quote:
“There is no right answer in life. No one knows if they’ll be happy by getting married to someone. Don’t look for answers. Right and wrong answers co-exist in every decision. Wise people make a choice and make it the right answer. Foolish people regret the wrong decision and make it the wrong answer. There is no right answer in life. There is only the process to make it the right answer.”
4. School 2013. This one is all about teens. The class 2 is at the bottom of their school, so a new teacher is assigned to get the students to study. I really like this drama. I think it's very honest and realistic. I like how it talks about teachers who really care for their students, troubled teens who become bullies, and teenagers who are pressured into getting good marks by their parents. This is a serious drama, but my favorite thing about it is Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo's friendship. The bromance is just amazing! I mean, look at these:

3. King2Hearts. To be truthful, I had a hard time getting into this drama because of all the political stuff, but after 4 episodes or so things got truly interesting. So, what's it about? In this drama Jae-Ha (a South Korean prince) and Hang-Ah (a North Korean female soldier) work together to bring peace between North and South Korea. Everyone knows Jae-Ha as an irresponsible prince so his elder brother, the King, makes him join a special training session with North and South Korean soldiers. Here he meets Hang-Ah, and as the story goes on the two eventually get engaged. I like this drama, not only because it has a very touching story, but also because it involves royalty. I like how it portrays loyalty, sacrifice and honor. I highly recommend this!!!

2. Scent of A Woman. Read my full review HERE. This drama is very, very touching and it made me cry a lot. It's about a woman, Lee Yun Jae, who discovers that she has cancer. What I love the most about this is how the protagonist grows and changes throughout the drama. She used to let other people boss her around, but when she understands that she has only 6 months to live, she starts taking revenge on those who've mistreated her. This drama pushes you to live life the fullest and appreciate every single moment.
1. I Hear Your Voice. This is like my favorite drama of all time. I love this drama for many reasons, and not only because the protagonist is played by Lee Jong Suk who (if you don't know) is my favorite Korean actor. So, in this drama the protagonist is a guy who can read people's minds; he has this ability because he got involved in a "car accident" when he was a kid. Well, it wasn't actually a car accident, someone attempted to murder him, but he was saved by a girl. I've watched it so many times, and I don't get tired of it. Ah, the feels. So many feels! This is a beautiful drama. The characters, the romance, the songs, I love everything about it. It has lots of meaningful messages, so go watch it!

And that's it! I hope that you found something interesting. And if you've watched any of these dramas, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I feel like It's Okay, That's Love should have been in this list, but I haven't finished watching it yet, so I didn't add it.

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