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Get in the mood for Maleficent!

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Official photo. Source.

I'm very excited for Maleficient, so I came up with this post that will get everyone in the mood for the movie! Maleficent has triggered my interest ever since I learned that Angelina Jolie is playing the role of the most evil disney villain. I really can't wait to see this movie, and I hope it's good! :)

I found this Maleficent playlist that has some dark music, and I think the songs describe Maleficent's personality really well. My favorite tracks are It's a Sin and Black Sheep.

Once Upon A Dream by Lana Del Rey

Bottom Of The River by deltaraemusicsoundcloud

Gossling Hazard by summertunes

It's A Sin (Pet Shop Boys Cover) by Metric

I'm Not Your Hero by Tegan and Sara

Black Sheep by Gin Wigmore

If I Had A Heart by Fever Ray

Official photo. Source.

Next, I want to share a Maleficent make up tutorial which was uploaded by one of my favorite beauty gurus, Promise Tamang. To be honest, this video is what inspired me to create this post. That explains how random I am with my posts ideas.. heh he.. But hey, you find inspiration everywhere, right?

Another cool video I'd like to share with you guys, was posted by Chad. This one is a review and unboxing video of the Maleficent doll! I am not a doll collector, but this was really fun to watch :)

Last but not least, are some really cool Maleficent fan art that I've pinned on Pinterest.

Hope you loved reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! So, let me know if you're excited for Maleficent, and if I was able to convince you to watch the movie. :)

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Book Blitz + Giveaway! Blood Oath by Samantha Coville

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Blood Oath (The Secret of the Halflings #1) by Samantha Coville
Release Date: 04/29/14

Raya Sarian has always known she was different. The water calls to her in a way that isn't human. She has seen things that would scar anyone for life. And her father has been non existent in her childhood.

Because he is a Siren.

A blood drinker.

A monster.

And now she must live with him in a world populated with enemies and dangerous friends. Can she survive the year?

BloodOatheBookWEB - Copy BloodOatheBookWEB - Copy (2) AmazonButton


“I need you to watch my daughter and protect her with your life. I have a lot on the line and I need to know that someone will keep an eye on her and keep her out of danger.”
Drew reflected on the idea and glanced to the floor, calculating what would happen if he accepted the task. “And I can’t tell her?”
Christopher shook his head. “Absolutely not. She would avoid you so as not to have someone peering over her shoulder. I know my daughter enough to know that much.”
“But you want me to get close to her, so I can watch her at all times?”
“Yes, I can’t let anyone try to…remove…her because of what she is. I need someone to get as close to her as possible without raising any red flags on her radar. And, of course, you have to keep the Secret of the Halflings. Can you do that?”
“What’ll happen if she finds out?”
“If you’re worried she’ll find out, then you’re not right for the job.”
There was no easy way to this and no upside either. Things would be difficult and confused around Raya, as if they weren’t already. But he couldn’t exactly turn down Christopher Sarian.
“I’ll do it.” 

About the Author

Samantha Coville is an editor and literary critic at her website, Sammy the Bookworm. She’s been writing short stories for six years and has appeared in magazines, both in print and online. When she’s not doing something book related, she is singing in her church choir or enjoying one of the theme parks in her home state of Florida.

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Book Blitz + Giveaway! Crane by Stacey Rourke

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Crane by Stacey Rourke 
Publication date: May 26th 2014
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal

The Horseman is unending,
his presence shan’t lessen.
If you break the curse,
you become the legend.

Washington Irving and Rip Van Winkle had no choice but to cover up the deadly truth behind Ichabod Crane’s disappearance. Centuries later, a Crane returns to Sleepy Hollow awakening macabre secrets once believed to be buried deep.

What if the monster that spawned the legend lived within you?

Now, Ireland Crane, reeling from a break-up and seeking a fresh start, must rely on the newly awakened Rip Van Winkle to discover the key to channeling the darkness swirling within her. Bodies are piling high and Ireland is the only one that can save Sleepy Hollow by embracing her own damning curse.

But is anyone truly safe when the Horseman rides?


The plush terry cloth robe slipped from Ireland’s shoulders with a whispering caress before pooling in a heap around her ankles. Marble tiles chilled her bare feet as she stepped into the walk-in shower. The tips of her fingers slid across stainless steel. With a flick of her wrist, the trio of showerheads flowed to life. Welcoming heat came at her from all angles, pulsating over her curves with a rhythmic seduction. Ireland turned, a groan escaping her as the streams massaged all the right places. Steam rose, fogging the handle and creating a cloud of humidity that hugged her frame. Tipping her head back, she let the droplets rain down on her face and across her closed lids. Her lips parted, welcoming the rush of warmth that flooded between them. Until it assaulted her tongue with a rush of coppery warmth that clamped her throat shut with a wretched heave. Her hands cupped to catch the droplets, her eyes widening as thick crimson pooled in her palms, seeping between her ivory fingers. Formerly white tiles were now smattered and smeared with blackish-red gore that sprayed from the nozzles. Ireland threw herself from the shower, her feet slipping beneath her. She reached out to steady herself, but found nothing to hold on to. Nothing there to pull her back from the brink, except her own need for self-preservation … and a shadowed silhouette in the corner. Instinctively, she covered herself with her arms. Squinting, she craned her neck to see the figure that was slowly turning to face her. 
“Mason?” Her voice echoed around her before she could even speak it. 
He stared straight ahead with fixed, unseeing eyes. Blood trailed down his face from various points of origin, soaking the front of his shirt. “Cloak of night, brings Horseman’s plight. His pricy toll, will be a soul.”
“Mason? Are you okay?” 
A hard blink and his eyes found focus on her. A desperate panic flared his nostrils, forcing his breath to come fast and ragged. “Help me, you have to help me,” he pleaded, his teeth pink with the blood that streamed past his lips. 
Her trembling hand reached for him, then recoiled at her own inept state of confusion. “H-how? What do I do?”
“You have to save us,” Mason’s words became more garbled by the fresh rush of gore that bubbled up the back of his throat. His once handsome face contorted in rage. Leaning forward he balled his fists and screamed with a force that bulged the tendons of his neck, “Save us!” 

About Stacey Rourke

RONE Award Winner for Best YA Paranormal Work of 2012 for Embrace, a Gryphon Series Novel
Young Adult and Teen Reader voted Author of the Year 2012
Turning Pages Magazine Winner for Best YA book of 2013 & Best Teen Book of 2013

Stacey Rourke lives in Michigan with her husband, two beautiful daughters, and two giant, dogs. She loves to travel, has an unhealthy shoe addiction  and considers herself blessed to make a career out of talking to the imaginary people that live in her head. Mark your calendars! Her latest literary adventure, Crane, will release May 26, 2014. She is currently hard at work on the continuations of this thrilling Legends Saga, as well as other literary projects.

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DNF Review: Bentwhistle the Dragon in a Threat from the Past by Paul Cude

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Title: Bentwhistle the Dragon in a Threat from the Past
Author: Paul Cude
My Rating: ★☆☆☆☆
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Published: October 1st 2011
Format: Ebook, 360 pages
Copy provided by Author

Description from Goodreads

An adventure story children and adults alike will love, about the present dat world in which dragons disguised as humans have infiltrated the human race at almost every level, to guide and protect them.

My Review:

When the author contacted me to review his book, I was a bit skeptical to read it because truth be told, the cover isn't very attractive. However, I realized I wasn't being fair so I decided to put my first impression aside and give this book a chance.

There are several things that I didn't like about this book. The first was the slow pacing. I kept putting this book down because I had a really hard time getting into the story. I didn't like how flashbacks were used for the world building and to tell the background story. I think it made the tale really slow and boring. There were also a lot of information to take in, and I felt that some things could have been omitted as they weren't relevant. Another reason why I didn't enjoy this book, was that I didn't click with the characters. After reading more than 200 pages I still didn't feel for them. I even tried to take a break from reading, so I could have a fresh start but when that didn't work, I eventually gave up. I feel that the main character, Peter, is very shallow which didn't make him interesting to read. He isn't a brave person, he allows others to walk over him and always relies on his two friends, Tank and Richie. Although I think he probably may have changed by the end of the book, I didn't think he was an enjoyable character to read. This book has also a mystery aspect to it, but it unfolds really slowly and I didn't find it very intriguing.

However, the fascinating thing about Bentwhistle the Dragon in a Threat from the Past was that it focuses a lot on sport. It's something I have never encountered in other novels before, and I think it's what differentiates this book from other similar-sounding books. I also like the idea it's based upon. It's set in the present where dragons live secretly amongst humans. Since they were born, the dragons have been training to assume human forms and learning about human lifestyle, so they could easily blend in. I liked how there's a whole "dragon community" that lives underground, and how all the training doesn't happen in secret academies and schools. 

To summarize, I think this could have been a really great book. I liked the setup, but didn't like the execution. Sadly, this is neither a plot-driven nor a character-driven book.

Thank you to the author for providing me with an ecopy in exchange for an honest review.

Release Blitz + Giveaway! Don't Fall by Rachel Schieffelbein

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Don't Fall by Rachel Schieffelbein
Release Date: 2014
Swoon Romance

In which a teenage girl endures the over-protective love of her adoptive mother until she falls for a boy who has her wanting to spread her wings, pitched as a contemporary retelling of RAPUNZEL.

Seventeen-year-old Anya leads a very secluded life in a house on the edge of town with her adopted mother. She doesn't go to school, but instead has a private tutor. Her over-protective mom keeps her so sheltered that she doesn't even have a best friend. 

But Anya doesn't seem to mind. She has her books, her photography, and her daydreams, and would do anything to please her mom. Until one day at the library, the only place she's allowed to go, she takes a picture of a beautiful boy.

Before long she's lying to her mom, and sneaking out late at night to meet Zander. But Zander wants more than a secret romance. If Anya wants to be with the boy of her dreams, she will have to risk her relationship with the only other person she's ever cared about.

Guest Post: Don't Fall Playlist

First of all, thank you so much for having me on your blog! Today I'm going to share some songs from my DON'T FALL playlist.

At the beginning of the book there are some lyrics from the song Don't Catch Me by The Gravities. Here are a few of them:

Defeat my plight with your delight.
And when you shine you shine the brightest,
and all I can give back is my best.

I love this song. I love the idea of how someone else's joy can bring out your own. Anya lives a fairly grey,  joyless life until she meets Zander. He helps to bring out the best in her, and her happiness reflects back on him, too.

Another song I listened to a lot when I needed some good lovey dovey inspiration was Can't Take My Eyes Off of You by Lady Antebellum. This song is really beautiful, and romantic, and I hope some of that inspiration shines through in the book.

About Rachel Schieffelbein

Rachel grew up in a tiny town in Minnesota. She still lives there, with her husband and their four kids. She coaches high school speech and theater, rides Arabian horses, reads as much as she can, and writes stories.

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Swoon Worthy Saturday (2): Aiden Sorenson

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Swoon Worthy Saturday is a weekly meme hosted by Stay Bookish

Saturday is a day for swooning. Swoon Worthy Saturday is a weekly meme where we present a fictional boy who has swept us off our feet, given us butterflies, made our heart do acrobatics and driven us absolutely crazy!

This Saturday I'm swooning over Aiden Sorenson from Tara Brown's White Girl Problems

5 Reasons why I love Aiden!

1. He is kind and really passionate about everything he does. I like how he is genuinely a nice guy and doesn't play around with girls. 

2. He's the type of guy who would take you to trips and would write you cute letters, and by letters I mean handwritten letters! How awesome is that? 

3. He's handsome, and has a clean cut appearance. He's European and has a British accent; now we all know that I have a thing for British accents.

4. He speaks like Shakespeare.

5. If you intend to read this book, then don't read on because this may ruin the book for you. (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!) 
What makes Aiden really special is that he is a prince. No kidding! He is the Prince of Andorra which (for those who don't know) is a small country between France and Spain.

Swoon Worthy Moments

His eyes shone and his words crackled. "I knew when I met you. It was just like Jack had said. I saw you and I couldn't stop staring no matter how ungentlemanly it was. I know we're young and I know you're scared of that. But I also know I will love you until I die and even then. I am scared of every other thing in my life aside from marrying you. You are the one thing I am certain of." He held the ring near my left hand. "Marry me?"

This is how I imagine Aiden Sorenson.

Cover Reveal: Mind Static by Jen Naumann

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Mind Static by Jen Naumann 
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult

Keyanna Sanders is about to get everything she could ever wish for on her 18th birthday: a hot guy who’s really into her, the sports car she’s always dreamed of owning, and the party of a lifetime that no one will forget any time soon.

But before long, she’ll understand these wishes are more than a coincidence, and that they come at a steep price. Keyanna is more than just an average high school senior, her best friend is more than the innocent boy next door, and her sudden good fortune isn’t just by chance. When her estranged father suddenly re-enters her life, she’ll have to decide who to trust, and whether or not the man she loves has become the enemy.

Cover Art

About  Jen Naumann

Jen Naumann grew up in southern Minnesota as an addict of such flicks as Indiana Jones and The Goonies until she discovered John Hughes, and spent her high school days locked away writing love stories with a sci-fi twist. Married to a farmer in southern Minnesota, she tries to follow the madness of her four active children while balancing an imagination that never shuts down. As the author of CHEATING DEATH, SHYMERS, AND PARANORMAL KEEPERS, she writes stories with strong female leads who have a good sense of humor and tend to fall in love despite their better judgment. For more on Jen visit her website

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Review: White Girl Problems by Tara Brown

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Title: White Girl Problems
Author: Tara Brown
My Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★☆ 
Genre: YA, Contemporary
Published: December 14th 2013
Format: Kindle, 267 pages

Description from Goodreads
Why did the white girl cross the road... 

When a severely drunk and slightly drugged Finley Roze slipped into a hospital bed, she never imagined it would start her on a path to meeting the man of her dreams. Mostly because she didn't believe in the man of her dreams, what seventeen year old even thinks of that?

But when Aiden Sorenson turns out to be Mr. Right everything else ends up being wrong, including Finley's family history.

But what is an average teenage girl if she isn't resilient, stubborn, and charming when she needs to be?

Don't miss this True Love Story, AKA fairy tale romance.

Just don't tell Finley.

My Review:

I knew when I set eyes on this book that I had to read it. The title is so eye-catching, and it instantly attracted me. I think the title alone, will easily compel any other reader to read this book.

Sometimes I take too many selfies and I don't know which one I should post, and I want to post them all, but then I don't want to look narcissistic. 

The protagonist, Finley, is 17 and a drama queen who's obsessed with instagram, twitter and basically any kind of social network. She tells lies, talks in circles, and is the typical spoiled and stubborn teenage girl. Now, I know she sounds like an awful character, and to be honest I hated her at first. But then she gradually changes, and when I realized that she's just another confused soul I started to like her. But it takes her a while to get her act together, and I suppose she would have never changed if her father hadn't sent her away. I think her friends are a really bad influence, and her evil stepmother only makes things worse.

So, Finley has to spend summer with her mom's aunt, Hattie, and that is when I truly started enjoying this book. I really like how the author writes about the elderly people; she incorporates them to the story adding some unusual yet entertaining side characters, and she manages to do that without making it look awkward. The presence of wise people around Finley has certainly helped her to mature, but most of her transformation is thanks to Aiden, who's the only other young kid in town.

"I missed your Shakespeare."
He leaned in, taking a deep inhale of my hair. "And I missed the scent of you in my air." 

I think Finley and Aiden are so perfect together. The two have opposite personalities; he's responsible, secretive and sweet while she's reckless, mouthy and stubborn. Their differences are definitely what attracts them to each other. I really like Aiden, not only because he's handsome and caring, but also because he is wise beyond his years. He's passionate about everything he does, and I like how he doesn't play around with girls, unlinke the other boys in Finley's school. 
Aside from the two main characters and the elderly people, all the other characters are enjoyable to read as well.

The author's writing is fabulous! I really enjoyed all the funny quotes and the clever dialogues. This author certainly knows how to make her readers laugh, and keep them entertained. But aside from the humor, there are also some serious stuff. The book deals a lot with family issues and friendship. Finley has to go through a lot of things, like dealing with self-doubt and the fact that everyone thinks she did drugs and cut herself. It's all more difficult for her because she doesn't have the support of her family, and her friends betrayed her.

The only reason I know anything about history and the world is the smart people who cast the historical romances with yummy dudes! 

Although I immensly enjoyed reading this book, I didn't give it 5 stars because the story is predictable, and I already knew how it would end. It also focuses a little on history and historical monuments which are not really my thing. There was a part when the book got all descriptive, and was a bit boring. But except for that, I fully enjoyed the rest of the story.

A fairy tale romance mixed with Mean Girls and a pinch of Cinderella story, White Girl Problems is a really amusing and enjoyable book that will make readers burst out laughing.

Book Blitz + Giveaway! Mary Hades by Sarah Dalton

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Mary Hades by Sarah Dalton  (Mary Hades #1) 
Publication date: June 2014 
Genres: Horror, Young Adult

Not many seventeen year old girls have a best friend who’s a ghost, but then Mary Hades isn’t your average teenager. 

Scarred physically and mentally from a fire, her parents decide a holiday to an idyllic village in North Yorkshire will help her recover. Nestled in the middle of five moors, Mary expects to have a boring week stuck in a caravan with her parents. Little does she know, evil lurks in the campsite… 

Seth Lockwood—a local fairground worker with a dark secret—might be the key to uncovering the murky history that has blighted Nettleby. But Mary is drawn to him in a way that has her questioning her judgement. 

Helped by her dead best friend and a quirky gay Goth couple, Mary must stop the unusual deaths occurring in Nettleby. But can she prevent her heart from being broken?

The first in a series of dark YA novels, Mary Hades follows on from the bestselling Kindle Single My Daylight Monsters. A spine-tingling tale with romance, readers will be shocked and entertained in equal measure. 

Five ways Mary Hades is different to your average YA series

I'm pretty excited about this project. I find Mary the easiest character to write because she is such a free spirit. However, there's a part of me that's nervous about this series. I've mixed things up. Mary Hades doesn't follow a formula. 
Here are five things you can expect, and five examples that are a little different to most YA books.

1. It’s not a trilogy:

At the moment, the series is open ended, which means I’m planning to keep it going for as long as I enjoy writing it. To me, this is almost like a long-running television series, where each book will focus on a specific challenge. I will be bringing in long-arc storylines at some point, but the first few books are almost standalones.

2. Each novel is a snapshot:

Like the novella that started it all—My Daylight Monsters—each novel, and each story, is a snapshot into Mary’s life. That means that not all the books will link on from each other. The first book has a resolution and no cliff-hanger, but it sets up the rest of the series, because it shows Mary what she wants to achieve with her life. This is going to continue throughout the series. Think of them as brief instalments into her very interesting life. Characters will come and go. Not all of the novels will be set in the same place. There is a lot of scope for the series. It could go on as Mary goes to University, or a spin off with different characters could occur. There are no set rules here. Think of it as an urban fantasy series, but more contemporary.

3. The novels are short:

The main reason I write Mary Hades at a shorter length is because the tone is very deep first person POV present tense. The books are meant to be all-encompassing. I want the reader to be drawn into Mary’s world, and that is an intense ride. These sorts of novels are almost always short. Think of the wonderful How I live Now, or the engrossing Never Let Me Go—they are both short novels and that suits them very well. The first instalment of Mary Hades will be about 280 pages. On the plus side, shorter novels means I can write the instalments quicker, so you won’t have to wait long for the next book. And, as the books are shorter, I’ve decided to charge less for them, so you won’t be paying more for a shorter novel. However, quality almost always beats quantity. ;)

4. This is dark fiction:

When I started writing My Daylight Monsters, I was very influenced by Gothic literature. That’s a very broad brush. I always loved Victorian Gothics, like Dracula and The Picture of Dorian Grey. These novels always have a supernatural element and always have some sort of dark, looming presence. In My Daylight Monsters, that presence is the hospital, and the deepest fears we harbour there. In Mary Hades, that looming presence is the Yorkshire moors—of course, inspired by Wuthering Heights. Other influences could include Daphne Du Maurier. I had a few scenes from Jamaica Inn playing in my mind as I wrote this book. Mary Hades is much more grown up than my other novels. In the past, my books like The Blemished and White Hart have been more suited to younger YA. Mary Hades is best for older teens and adults.

5. Horror AND Romance?

Yup, you better believe it. In the midst of fighting a really scary ghost, Mary manages a holiday romance. Hey, call me a romantic, but I think a girl needs to take some time off from her ghost hunting once in a while.
In all seriousness, I want the books to be scary AND uplifting. There’s a definite contemporary feel to the writing, and hopefully that ties in with the romance.

About Sarah Dalton

Sarah grew up in the middle of nowhere in the countryside of Derbyshire and as a result has an over-active imagination. She has been an avid reader for most of her life, taking inspiration from the stories she read as a child, and the novels she devoured as an adult.

Sarah mainly writes speculative fiction for a Young Adult audience and has had pieces of short fiction published in the Medulla Literary Review, PANK magazine and the British Fantasy Society publication Dark Horizons. Her short story 'Vampires Wear Chanel' is featured in the Wyvern Publication Fangtales available here:

Sarah's debut novel The Blemished is a fast paced young adult dystopia set in a fractured Britain. It follows the events of Mina Hart, a young Blemished girl who has a dangerous secret, as she tries to escape the dreaded Operation and get out of Area 14.

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A Sweet Life Boxed Set Blitz!

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A Sweet Life Boxed Set (Fourteen Contemporary Romances by Bestselling Authors to Benefit Diabetes Research)
Publication date: May 1st 2014

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Have your cake and eat it too--your purchase of A Sweet Life helps fight against diabetes!

Priced at only 2.99 (regular price 7.99), indulge in this stunning limited edition collection of fourteen contemporary romances by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling authors...

You can make a difference while you read! All proceeds from the sale of A Sweet Life will be donated to the Diabetes Research Institute via Brenda Novak's Online Auction for Diabetes Research.

Featuring a foreword by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Debbie Macomber.

Get your copy today!

1500 pages/ 675 000 words

I Only Have Eyes For You by Bella Andre (The Sullivans)

The only woman wealthy Irish pub owner Jake McCann wants is the one he can't have--Sophie Sullivan, his best friend's off limits sister. But when the beautiful librarian appears on his doorstep as his every fantasy come to life, even though Jake knows loving Sophie isn't the right thing to can he possibly resist?

On A Night Like This by Barbara Freethy (Callways #1)

From #1 NY Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy comes the first book about the Callaways, a big Irish family born to serve and protect, many as San Francisco firefighters.

May Day! By Heather Graham

Members of the Krewe of Hunters team plan a relaxing vacation to jolly old London for the English celebration--they never figured that a May Pole just might be murder.

Shopping for a Billionaire by Julia Kent

When mystery shopper Shannon Jacoby meets billionaire Declan McCormick with her hand down a toilet in the men's room of one of his stores, it's love at first flush.

Built to Last by Susan Mallery

The tale of Aaron Cross, a man who doesn't know he needs saving...until he meets Marissa Spencer, a heroine inspired by the real life founder of the Motheread/ Fatheread Literacy Program.

A Baby of Her Own by Brenda Novak

Delaney is tired of waiting for the right man--all she wants is a baby. After seducing a handsome stranger, she returns to Dundee to find that same man is actually taking up residence on a ranch just outside of town--where he will very likely realize she's expecting.

Dare to Love by Carly Phillips

In relationships, Ian Dare offers the bare minimum--until one glimpse of sensual Riley Taylor changes his perspective. Their affair heats up and love comes into play, but Riley's secret past just might cost them everything.

Executive Seduction by Jennifer Probst

When Chandler Santell turns to Logan Grant, the most ruthless CEO in the finance industry to save her beloved Yoga and Arts Center, she never intended to have seduction as part of the plan...

In Too Deep by RaeAnne Thayne

Though fiercely drawn to the comfort of Andrea McPhee's arms, Will Tanner isn't sure he can find room for a woman like her in a life focused on vengeance--until he discovers she has secrets of her own.

Every Girl Does It by Rachel Van Dyken

Amanda gets a flash from the past when the nerdy kid she rejected in high school suddenly reappears in her life...dead sexy, he's all man and he wants her.

Homecoming Season by Susan Wiggs

Miranda Sweeney and her family find hope and healing while spending an autumn at Willow Lake after Miranda survives breast cancer.

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