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Review: 1932 by Karen M. Cox

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Title: 1932
Author: Karen M. Cox
Rating: ★ ★ ★★ ★ 
Genres: Historical Fiction, Romance
Format Read: Kindle, 204 pages

Description from Goodreads
1932 is a twist on Jane Austen's classic, Pride & Prejudice. Elizabeth Bennet has always led a pampered existence as the daughter of a university professor in the Midwest until the safety of her world dissolves around her due to unforeseen adversity. Amidst the ensuing upheaval, what -- and who -- might she discover as she rebuilds a life for herself and her family in the sleepy, backwater town of Meryton?

This title won a Bronze medal in the Romance category at the 2011 Independent Publishers Book Awards.

My Review

I'm a big fan of Austen's Pride and Prejudice, and I've watched the 2005 movie adaptation of the book countless of times. Although I've never read P&P retellings before, I've been craving for more Mr. Darcy after reading Romancing the Soul by Sarah Tranter. So, I impulsively picked up 1932, and I think I did a really big mistake. I shouldn't have read it because now I'm completely OBSESSED. I read it a few weeks ago, and I'm still thinking about it! It took me forever to write this review because my thoughts were all over the place, and it was so hard to put them into words. Therefore, I think I'll just start by telling how much I love this book! I practically devoured it all in just one day. I was hooked from the very first page and just couldn't stop reading. 

I really like the idea that's inspired the author to write 1932, I think it's singular and really creative. The story takes place during the Great Depression where Elizabeth, a city girl from Chicago, has to leave her home to move to the countryside because her father loses his job. So, the author basically switches the characters' roles: in this book the Bennet family are the newcomers while Mr. Darcy and Bingley grew up in Meryton. 

I like how Elizabeth was portrayed as more responsable and selfless than Austen's Elizabeth. Due to their difficult financial situation she does so much to help her family, and I find it really easy to relate with what she's going through because in these past years, life hasn't been all sunshine and flowers for me either. As for Mr. Darcy, he is noble and proud as always but I like how he also has some insecurities. Aside from Elizabeth and Darcy, the rest of the characters were great to read as well. I love how Mrs. Cox added new characters (like the little Maggie) and twisted the relationship between the other characters (I've never thought I'd be really fond of Fitzwilliam).

Obviously, the romance is one of the main reasons why I love this book. It's sweet, endearing and didn't feel rushed. I love reading all the arguing, and I thought the dialogues were great and clever. At first Elizabeth and Darcy constantly just run into each another, and I like how Maggie plays a big part in bringing them together. There were times when I felt that Darcy looked a bit like a creeper, listening to Elizabeth's private conversation with her sister and all, but then that only made me love him more. Austen has never really gave us a taste of Elizabeth and Darcy's married life, so 1932 is certainly satisfying for that aspect. 

I probably didn’t do justice with just exactly how much I loved this book, so let me just tell you that 1932 succeeds beautifully on an emotional level. 

It was so nice to get invested in the characters I've known for so long all over again. I enjoyed reading all the family issues, the gossiping and the drama. This is one of those books that I would like to forget, so I can reread it again. I highly recommend it!

My rating 5/5 stars


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