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My Top 10 Kdramas for first-timers

Posted by Wajiha Q at Monday, March 17, 2014
TOP 10 KDRAMAS is a feature here @ Jiha's file where I list 10 (or less) Korean dramas/Kdrama related stuff that I like.

The kdramas I've listed here are mostly Romance comedy dramas; they are light, sweet and really fun to watch. I think that you shouldn't start watching the intense, deep and complex dramas first, because those will absolutely ruin these light-hearted ones for you.

1. Playful Kiss (High school drama) 
Ok, so this is actually my first kdrama (my sister recommended it to me :P). It's about a high school girl who is at the bottom of her class and has a major crush on the most popular and genius guy in school. She writes him a letter to confess her feelings but gets rejected. He tells her that he hates girls that are stupid and gave the letter back after correcting all her grammatical mistakes... little did they know that they would end up living under the same roof. 

Tip: The first 2 episodes are not that great so wait till you watch a bit longer before judging it.

2. Lie To Me (Rich Guy/Poor Girl drama)
This one is about a government employee who pretends to be the wife of a hotel CEO in order to impress her former friend but as the story goes on, the two leads start to fall in love with each other...
This drama's a funny one because it stars Yoon Eun Hye who's really great at interpreting clumsy and gawky characters. I read a couple of comments from people who watched this as their first kdrama and they weren't disappointed. 

3. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (Noona Romance and Rich Guy/Poor Girl drama)
A university student who is majoring in teaching keeps running into a guy. These unusual encounters leads her to believe that he's the right man for her but then discovers that he's a high school student and several years younger than her. This cute and warm drama has enough good looking flower boys to make you swoon. I mean, 4 guys and a girl working in the same ramen shop? I wouldn't ask for more :)

4. You're Beautiful (Kpop idol/Cross dressing drama)
Mi Nam is joining A.N.JELL (a famous boy band) but had to go to the States to repair a bothched eye job. So Mi Nam's twin sister, Min Yu who is training to become a nun, pretends to be her brother while he's in the States. 
This drama is ridiculously funny and entertaining with really great music.

5. Sungkyunkwan Scandal (Historical/Cross dressing drama)
This is a drama that takes place in the past during the Joseon era when education was forbidden to women... Kim Yoon Hee pretends to be her ill brother and enrolls in Sungkyunkwan University where she becomes friends with her school mates.

6. 1st Shop Coffee Prince (Cross dressing drama)
It's about Han Kyul, a son of a huge food corporation and Eun Chan, a poor and tomboyish woman. Eun Chan pretends to be a man to be able to work at Han Kyul's "all-male employee" coffee shop and provide for her family. On the other hand Han Kyul pretends to be gay because he doesn't want to be forced to marry and hires Eun Chan as his lover unaware that she's actually a woman.

7. To The Beautiful You (another Cross dressing drama, last one I promise)
A high school girl will do anything to meet and get close to a boy she idolizes. Jae Hee is in love with Tae Joon, a pole-jumping gold medalist. She discovers that he attends high school at an all-boys’ school, so she cuts her hair and pretends to be a boy to be admitted to the school. But she soon learns that trying to blend in with the boys and keep her true identity a secret are no easy tasks. (description from Viki)

8. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho/My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox (Fantasy drama)
This one is about a guy who falls in love with a girl who's actually a gumiho (Nine-tailed fox) that eats the livers of humans...
I haven't finished this drama yet, but I've been enjoying it :)

9. Princess Hours/Goong (Arranged marriage drama)
Due to her grandfather's will, a high school student marries the cold-hearted Crown Prince who attends her same school. As she she struggles to adapt herself to the proper manners and royal duties of palace life, her husband's cousin, second-in-line to the throne, steps into her life.

10. We Got Married: Ssanghu Couple (Reality/Variety show)
Even though this one isn't a drama, I still fully recommend to watch it because it's so entertaining. We Got Married is a well known variety show in Korea that paired up korean celebrities into couples and showed how their life would be like if they got married. The Ssangchu/Lettuce couple is my favorite so definitely check them out. 

I believe that these dramas are great for first-timers because the majority of them are based on mangas and others are related to kpop and most of the people I know who are interested in watching kdramas are either manga/anime lovers or kpop fans. 

If there are any dramas you would recommened to first-timers please leave them in the comments down below :)

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