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Review: Prom Impossible by Laura Pauling

Posted by Wajiha Q at Tuesday, June 03, 2014
Title: Prom Impossible
Author: Laura Pauling

Series: Prom Impossible #1
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Genres: YA, Contemporary
Format Read: Ebook, 221 pages

Copy provided Xpresso BT

Description from Goodreads

1 girl + 1 prom + 3 guys = Prom Impossible!
Cassidy decides her senior year, including prom, will be about Michael Greenwood, the boy destined to be her soul mate. One problem. He hasn’t figured that out yet.
But certain events meant as innocent pranks—that weren’t completely her fault—introduce her to Zeke, the reformed bad boy. And cutting deals in the boys’ bathroom with Jasper, the hottest guy in school, lands her in a complicated web of half-truths that spirals out of control.

At the end of the year, she’s dateless the day before the big night but risks a lot more than her pride if she can’t find a way to fix her mistakes.
PROM IMPOSSIBLE is a modern-day Shakespearean romantic comedy in the world of teens, true love, and life.

My Review:

Prom Impossible is a comical story that follows a girl called Cassidy who dreams of the perfect prom with the perfect guy. The book is mostly set over Cassidy's senior year, and gets us engrossed as we follow her around and watch her try hard to make her dream come true. 

Cassidy is probably the most delusional character I've ever read. I mean, who thinks about soul mates at 17? She's a really random person who rambles a lot and makes up some dumb and weird excuses, but I think her vitality is what made this book fun to read. She also tells a lot of lies,  but oddly enough, I didn't find her annoying. I usually hate reading dishonest characters, and I hate it even more when it's the protagonist who's being dishonest. However, I like how Cassidy doesn't get away with her lies, in fact she gets caught most of the time. I find it really satisfying, and the awkward situations she's put through are so hilarious that it made me look past her immature behaviour.

There are three boys involved in Cassidy's life who are so different in many ways, and I felt that this book was a bit short to develop all three characters properly. I would have prefered to know a bit more about their backgrounds so that I could have gotten more attached to them. Hopefully there will be more of that in the sequel. Another issue I had with this book was that it was pretty obvious who Cassidy would end up with, but she takes a year to figure it out. Anyhow, it was entertaining to read how she struggles to get her "soul mate", as she likes calling him, to date her. She does a lot of scheming and negotiating, but as a result, she only ends up ruining her whole senior year.

This book has a fairy tale vibe to it, but at the same time it also touches some serious high school issues like bullying, and the hardship that comes when you try to blend in and want to be accepted by others. I think we all have experienced some of these issues during our teenage years, therefore, I believe everyone will find it easy to relate to the characters of this book. So, this turned out to be more complex than I expected, but it was great to learn that it's not just about dating, though there's plenty of that. I really enjoyed the comedy aspect of it, and if you're looking for something that's cute and light hearted then this book is for you.

I received a copy of Prom Impossible in exchange for an honest review.

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