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Kdrama Review ✿ Scent of a Woman

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Scent of a Woman 
여인의 향기 (Kdrama)
My Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ 
Genres: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 16
Original run: 23 July 2011 – 11 September 2011
Starring: Kim Sun-ah, Lee Dong-wook, Uhm Ki-joon and Seo Hyo-rim

Synopsis from Viki
What would you do if you were told you only had six months to live? Yeon Jae has spent her entire life catering to others, both at work and at home. When she is diagnosed with terminal cancer and told she has only six months to live, Yeon Jae is determined to finally live for herself. She quits her job and decides to travel the world. On her travels, she meets Ji Wook, her former boss’s son. As they go through her bucket list, will Yeon Jae be able to experience love in her last months of life?

My Thoughts:
I came across Scent of a Woman while I was scrolling through the dramas on my Viki app. And I'm really glad I decided to watch it! I won't lie, though. At first I did had some anxieties. It's about a woman who is diagnosed with terminal cancer, so I was a bit afraid that it would be a really sad story, and that I would get all emotional and cry my eyes out (reminds me of how I felt with The Fault in Our Stars). And I was right. I did cry, but not because it was depressing. I cried because it was so touching. I also feared that it would end like A Walk to Remember, but thankfully it wasn't a tragic story.

Lee Yun Jae is a woman in her 30s who's worked in the same travel company for years. She's always let her boss and everyone at work walk over her, but when she learns that she has only 6 months to live, she quits her job and finally stands for herself. She writes a list of things she wants to do before she dies, and while she lives life to the fullest she eventually finds true love.

I like how Yun Jae grew throughout the drama. At first she always bowed her head to everyone and let them mistreat her, it was a bit annoying that she never fought back and stood her ground. But the revelation of her near death opened her eyes, and she realized how pathetically she lived her life. Although it may sound stupid, I think that somehow cancer saved her, if she hadn't known that she was going to die she would've never changed. I believe cancer made her feel alive, if that's even possible! It made her passionate, bold and strong. It's what made her go for what she wants because she knows she has nothing to lose. I think she's a really great character, and you learn a lot from her. I also really liked her bucket list. Everything she wanted to do before she died are not memorable things; on the contrary, they are really ordinary, like make her mom smile everyday, go cycling along the coastline etc. And I really admire her for finding happiness in those simple things, and not in doing something that's extraordinary.

After learning that she had cancer, Yun Jae treats herself on a much-deserved vacation where she meets Kang Ji Wook, the head of the huge travel company she worked for. He's super rich, but unlike the rich characters from other kdramas I've watched, Ji Wook isn't arrogant and doesn't look down on poor people. The romance between these two characters developed slowly. Initially Yun Jae just wanted to try dating him once before for she died, which I think was really selfish, while Ji Wook was instantly attracted by her sunny personality. And as they learn more about each other, and spend more time together, they eventually fall in love. Aside from Yun Jae and Ji Wook, the side characters were notable and have really interesting personalities. Particularly Yun Jae's doctor, who was also her former classmate and childhood friend. He's really reserved, and indifferent towards his patients which makes you wonder why he decided to become a doctor in the first place. 

Although this drama focuses a lot on romance, there are also other aspects that I enjoyed like the mother-daugther relationship, true frendship and learning tango. I also liked how there are so many life lessons that changed my perspective in living. It's a great bittersweet drama that will take you on an emotional roller coaster. I highly recommend it!

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