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Review: Prompossible Plans by Laura Pauling

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Title: Prompossible Plans
Author: Laura Pauling
My Rating: ★★★
Genres: YA, Contemporary
Publication: August 2014 by Redpoint Press
Format Read: eARC provided by the Author

Description from Goodreads
Prompossible Plans: the guys have their say.

Follow Cassidy’s senior year from the perspective of Zeke, Jasper, and Michael as they fight their own battles, make mistakes, and fall in love with the same girl. 

Look for Covert Kissing in the fall of 2014!

My Thoughts
After reading Prom Impossible (read my review here) I wanted to know more about the three guys who got involved with the cute, rambling and delusional Cassidy. And when the author asked me to review Prompossible Plans, a companion novella told from the guys' perspective, I was more than happy to read it!

Zeke, Jasper and Michael have their say in this novella; it was nice to learn about their background, and without any doubts Zeke was my favorite of the trio. He was the only one who truly wanted to get to know Cassidy, and even though he was afraid to end up in jail like his dad, I don't think that will be his fate. As for Jasper, he surprised me with his big brother role. I didn't expect him to have that sweet and tender side, and I think that he could have been a great, great guy if he wasn't too proud and full of himself. Lastly there was Michael, who was my least favorite of the three. He ignored Cassidy the whole year, and suddenly the day of prom he saw the light and realized that she was the one? Nope. Just no. He was so annoying and foolish, and I truly didn't like him.

I also had an issue with the story; I didn't like how it was divided into three parts, each one told by a different character. I think I would have enjoyed Prompossible Plans more if the narrator varied from chapter to chapter.

From the way the story is going, it seems like Jasper and Michael will do anything to win Cassidy's heart, but I truly hope Cassidy doesn't mess up her relationship with Zeke! Now I'm both curious and anxious to read what will happen in Covert Kissing!

I received a copy of Prompossible Plans from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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